Active Healthy Living

Getting the most out of life is what active healthy living is all about.

Everyday decisions like choosing how much to eat and drink, taking the stairs not the elevator, and even stepping on the scale to check body weight can, over time, have a big impact on health.

Getting the most out of life is what active healthy living is all about.  It’s taking charge of our personal health and well-being and learning the facts about nutritionphysical activity, energy balance, and hydration in order to make sensible choices that support good health.


Active healthy living also means adopting behaviors that help us achieve a healthier life. This includes paying attention to thirst, making time for regular physical activity, learning to balance calories consumed with calorie needs to maintain a healthy weight, using food labels and choosing a nutritious diet, as well as getting enough rest, managing stress, and taking time to enjoy life with family and friends.


Learn More About

♦ Energy Balance
♦ Nutrition
♦ Physical Activity


The role of active, healthy living in:

Bone Health      
Heart Health        
Children’s Health

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